Cliff Paulin with basket of oak acorns

Cliff Paulin and Lindsay Dailey

Cliff Paulin

Cliff Paulin loves to teach how humans can work together to build regenerative intentional communities.

He holds a BS in Environment Science from the University of Arizona, a JD and a Masters of Study in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, is a member of the California State Bar, and has worked in legal, mediation, and facilitation roles for over a decade.

He has served on numerous non-profit and local elected board of directors. He is one of the co-founders of The Oak Granary, an environmental education non-profit and intentional community in Potter Valley, CA.

Cliff will be presenting on legal structures for intentional communities, and various considerations to consider in creating resilient invisible structures. He would like students to come away from his presentation with a better understanding of potential options for legal structures and a list of questions to ask before starting down that path.


Lindsay Dailey
Lindsay Dailey

Lindsay is an ecological designer and educator with over 10 years of experience working with communities to design and build regenerative human settlement. She has worked in the realm of sustainability education and non-profit management as Executive Director of the Solar Living Institute, co-founder of Villa Sobrante, and Wildlands Program Director at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, and has developed and led eco-literacy education programs for a number of schools and non-profits.

She is deeply dedicated to restoring our reciprocal relationship to nature through the tending and utilization of wild plant, and is a wildlands firefighter passionate about the use of fire as a tool of regenerative disturbance to heal our landscape.

She is also the lead land steward and program manager at the Oak Granary.