headshot Peter Waring, energy efficient homes consultant

Peter Waring

headshot Peter Waring, energy efficient homes consultant
Peter Waring

Driven by his passion for the environment, Peter Waring founded “Healthier Dwelling” to provide Green Building & Energy Efficiency Consulting

Healthier Dwelling is based on his experience as a contractor, businessman and project manager in the construction industry and as an educator of applied math & science.

After building a “green” addition to his own home in Fairfax, Peter actively supported the early growth of the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program by providing energy assessments of residential and commercial buildings, advising owners on the cost effectiveness of energy retrofits, and organizing trainings on “Green Home Energy Upgrades”. He helped develop the residential energy programs at Laney College and Skyline College.

Currently, Peter has followed his students into the marketplace, providing support & training for contractors & home owners who take an integrated approach to upgrading their homes, going beyond Green Building compliance with the many rapidly evolving rules, and taking advantage of available rebates & incentives.

In a recent interview Peter revealed:
“Green building looks at the whole building: all its components and interacting systems, which together determine how much energy gets used up and how much comfort, health, and durability they provide. There is no one way or single product that maximizes this best result, but rather an understanding of how all the parts contribute to the whole.

Truly green, energy efficient buildings last longer than others, and during their extended lifetimes they provide greater comfort and a healthier indoor environment for their occupants. Green buildings also put less of a strain on the rest of the environment and its limited resources.

Building science often seems complicated, though not as complicated at Climate science. These challenges should spark our curiosity and determination to figure it out and keep on experimenting to gain understanding and apply it wisely. What else can we tell our grandchildren & all the other living beings with whom we share this fragile, Blue Planet?”

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