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Nik Bertulis

Nik Bertulis is a designer/builder who loves tiny homes. He co-founded two design design/build collaboratives, DIG Coop and Monsoon Arsenal after working for several design/build firms including, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Arcosanti and Living Structures. He currently lives in a converted shipping container tiny house. More examples of his…(Read More)

Bio-char charcoal chunks in barrel

When you take pieces of trees and bake them in earthen ovens and burn in barrel kilns, you create blackened, charred pieces of wood which are excellent for cooking, heating, making biochar and health beneficial charcoal for humans and animals. The idea is to use heat to drive out the moisture and gasses and leave…(Read More)

John Erik with mallet

In addition to being a Permaculture Designer/educator and Natural Building and Aquaponics enthusiast, John EriK is a seasoned web and computer professional, online marketing strategist, writer and certified bodywork therapist. He co-founded the Mount Shasta Time Bank and created and organized the “Delaware County Permaculture and Food Security” group for those…(Read More)